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Une See Fights : faq

Why is Une See called Une See?

Jesse: What follows is a quote from Une herself: "Umm, no reason. I just kind of made it up."

Just why is Une See always fighting?

Jesse: Actually, Une spends the majority of her time living a peaceful, Buddhist life. Unfortunately for us those parts aren't interesting to anyone other than me, so I record the times she's active, which is generally fighting.

Matt: Four panels of Une watching TV would be a super-lame comic

Does Une See have any friends and are they super cool too?

Jesse: Une See has plenty of friends, and the majority of them have at least one superpower as well!

Matt: Une and the flying kid that saved her from lazer lass are friends, and you can follow him on twitter (as well as Une See herself of course)

Will Une See ever fight in rainbow attire?

Jesse: It's unlikely right now, as she's pretty attached to her clothes, but it's possible if she was ever asked to join The Rainbow Coalition she'd do it.

Matt: Rainbows take bloomin' forever to colour in, so it'll be a special issue when she does.

Where are all the necks?

Matt: They don't really fit the art style/I can't draw them a way I feel happy about/we don't need them

Jesse: She exercised her neck away to lose weight

Wait, Une wears her mask to bed? Does she wear it all the time?

Jesse: You can actually see Une wearing the mask to bed in 'The Common Foe'. In fact, the only time she's started a comic without it was during The Laptop Thief, in which she had it removed while at the cafe because she didn't want all her fan crowding around for an autograph

Can I "like" the comic on facebook?

Matt: Ha ha, this is one of those staged FAQs that nobody actually asks ever.
Also, yes:

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