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Une See Fights : Canada

Une See Fights episode 30

Heck yeah slightly-early update!

I figured it'd be better to work just a bit harder during the week and put the comic up a little bit early than to put it up late, as I know this is the highlight of both our reader's saturdays, and it would be cruel to deprive them of that just because I couldn't drunkenly blunder my way through phone-keyboard vim into a working update.

I'll tell you what I hate, and that is crayons that snap when you are using them, and also running out of black crayon. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I go through the useful length of a whole black crayon per comic. That's only if I don't have one snap on me, rendering it either entirely useless or woefully short. In either case, I'm basically down a crayon. Through ridiculous luck/hamfistedness/overperfectionism, today's episode sent me through the only two black crayons I had left, and possibly the only thick black crayons (that aren't stupid glitter)in town! It was a travesty, but thanks to my TOP SECRET EVIL GENIUS frankencrayon surgery/necromancy I was able to get more use out of the shattered/stubby crayons and finish without having to spend an entire pound on another whole box just for a single crayon.

Next week: Paralympics!

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